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RT @SLH_Julie: RT @SLH_Julie: Excited to be marching proud at pride with my wonderfully diverse family xx…

RT @SLH_Julie: Absolutely - Council Tax is a regressive tax which hits the poorer harder. Liverpool has suffered more government cuts than any other borough in the UK - if the government spent less on their mates’ failed contracts they would need to raise less!!

RT @SLH_Julie: RT @SLH_Julie: Excellent - lets hope this goes through!!

RT @SLH_Julie: RT @SLH_Julie: @MolloyFrances @Jesse_Norman @meaglemp @tyreduk Amazing news - well done you for never giving up xxx

RT @SLH_Julie: @meaglemp @EmmaDunlop @jeremycorbyn @SLH_Homes The ownership is still with the City Council but we will continue to do all we can to do the best we can for the Garston Community. Anybody who knows who is responsible for this criminal act should inform the Police without delay

RT @SLH_Julie: Sign this now before it is your family killed or injured in vehicles that need better tyres that are less than the age of the people on the bus, 10 year limit is simply not much to ask for - this government has absolutely no reason not to support this!!!…

RT @TanDhesi: Prime Minister cancelled his India trip and Govt just announced that India has been placed on its travel Red List, amid devastating surge in Covid cases. But Health Secretary is still unsure if our vaccines are effective against the new double mutation variant detected there.🤞🏼

RT @TanDhesi: From Smart Motorways to quarantining, to the devastating impact of Tory policies and Covid-19, I joined @simonharrisitv on @itvlondon last night to discuss the issues of importance to Slough and our country. Full video below:…

RT @Syllabu90846447: Thanks a lot for today. I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. また明日🥂 Oscar Peterson & Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen • 15-07-1979 • World of Jazz Oscar Peterson, piano, and Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, bass #Jazz @YouTube

"The fundamental problem is the rich always aspire to be more rich without considering the consequences for the rest. As they gain more power they start demanding more privilege over the rest.” Marcelo Bielsa, talking about why he opposes the ‘European Super League’.