All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @SugarMillLDN: Tomorrow is #TwoforTuesday! πŸ₯žβœŒοΈπŸ” Visit Sugar Mill Wembley today and receive TWO #burgers, waffles or pancakes for the price of ONE. To book your table at our #restaurant just yards away from #WembleyStadium, look here:

Emma Hardy MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

Free Speech comes with responsibilities. We have a right to protest and wholeheartedly disagree, we don't have a right to be intimidating, abusive and aggressive. I am appalled by the Nick Watt video, it's totally unacceptable for anyone to be treated in this way.

RT @TanDhesi: Today marks 4 years since the deadly #Grenfell fire tragedy. Yet we are still fighting the same fight, with thousands even now living in fear in unsafe homes. When will the Tory Govt finally act to ensure it never happens again?

RT @DouglasCarswell: RT @DouglasCarswell: Soon everyone will have always been against lockdowns.

RT @AnnaMcMorrin: We deserve to feel safe walking, cycling or exercising on our streets, day or night. Our streets must be free from fear, harassment, abuse and threats. It is not normal nor is it acceptable. @UKLabour would make street harassment a criminal offence.…

πŸ›£ Thank you to Roads Minister @CharlotteV for putting your Department behind efforts to get the #M49Junction sorted. Very productive meeting including @HighwaysEngland. Looking forward to our follow-up meeting in a month's time. Let's get this junction finished!

Just a few extra weeks can make the difference between survival and closure for some businesses. The Government's decision to delay Step 4 of the Roadmap must be accompanied by financial support for businesses, extended for the same period. Not doing so in unjust & unsupportable.

Ian Lucas (Labour) tweeted :

The Morgan Panel highlights institutional corruption in one case. But the cancellation of Leveson Two prevented investigation into many more cases which had police/press collusion at its heart.

RT @toadmeister: Today’s update on Lockdown Sceptics is here. The Indian variant turns out to have a lower hospitalisation rate than the British variant, infections in β€œhotspot” Bolton are falling and chaos as Brits fought to get on the last flight out of Faro last night.

RT @TanDhesi: #Ethiopia humanitarian crisis is saddening, so we must step up aid effort and demand end to #Tigray violence. Urgent action is needed against horrific allegations of sexual violence and rape, aid being cut off, health facilities vandalism and harassment of aid workers by forces.