All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @meolscop1978: @Peter_Dowd @trishhardy21 @Bill_Esterson @cllrlizdowd I've lived in Southport all my life and I never thought I'd see the day.

RT @Planet_Pedro: When will Scottish media hold @theSNP @scotgov to account? This is a scandal which would lead to resignations if it was UK Govt.

RT @Planet_Pedro: @PaulJSweeney Since then we have had 3 rounds of increasing devolution. It is now incumbent on Holyrood to use its powers to create the Scotland that achieves what Scots want. At UK level the Tories are to blame, but @theSNP continues to fail Scotland absolutely.

RT @LibDems: RT @LibDems: Liberal Democrats have become the biggest party on Stockport Council.

RT @Planet_Pedro: RT @Planet_Pedro: YouGov says 33 SNP/@scottishlabour battleground seats now "too close to call" (their description)…

RT @Planet_Pedro: RT @Planet_Pedro: Fascinating discussion on @BBCRadio4 between @CarolineFlint and @RoryStewartUK. They would both make great MPs.

RT @Planet_Pedro: RT @Planet_Pedro: Few things can sum up what we lost when Scotland swopped regional councils for @scotgov better than this.

RT @Planet_Pedro: @PaulJSweeney @jruddy99 Greater Glasgow and Edinburgh/Lothians should have full devolved status like German Hansestaedte (Hamburg, Bremen), and ability to raise a Regional Income Tax. And devolution within them to burgh councils.

RT @Planet_Pedro: RT @Planet_Pedro: Why is @BBCNews giving space to Sturgeon re Syria? Nothing whatsoever to do with @ScotParl or @scotgov or FM or their pow…

RT @LibDems: RT @LibDems: Overnight Liberal Democrats gained 4 seats from Labour in Sunderland. Well done @WearsideLibDem