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RT @TanDhesi: Ministers keep dodging questions over whether they are scrapping the eastern leg of #HS2, which merely fuels further speculation It's clear that this Tory Government has no intention of keeping their promises to the North about “levelling up”.…

RT @jon_trickett: • HMRC are sending “nudge” letters to wealth non-doms gently reminding them to get their tax affairs in order • 75,000 non doms & £7.85bn in liable taxes My constituents don’t get nudge letters. We get the full force of the law. It should be the exact same for non-doms.

RT @sophie_mzy: RT @sophie_mzy: @Ben_Everitt’s scooter is about to get a hell of an upgrade

RT @TanDhesi: The Government has betrayed our #Afghan friends, with the lives of those who bravely helped our troops, minorities, and human rights activists, at risk. Instead of abandoning them, Govt must do everything it can to help my endangered constituents and avert a humanitarian crisis.

RT @thatsmanderley: RT @thatsmanderley: #together #NoVaccinePassports -Proud to be a signatory on this declaration.

This broken system of pointless committees gives legitimacy to the cronyism, sleaze and dodgy lobbying that is polluting our democracy under Boris Johnson and the Tories. Labour will ban former Prime Ministers & Ministers from taking on lobbying gigs and clean up our politics.

@tania_hardwick So where you!

Lesley Laird (UKMPs) retweeted @RD_HaIe :

RT @RD_HaIe: RT @RD_HaIe: It cost the same to refurbish Boris Johnson's flat as it would have done to put sprinklers in Grenfell. Let that sink in.

RT @RD_HaIe: A kid threw a stone at me today (and missed) so I climbed into a fighter jet and blew up his entire street with an air-to-surface missile. I'm sure you will agree I acted in self-defence.

RT @SkyeCitySeries: Michael Gove introduced a Teacher's Code of Conduct in 2014 which meant a lifetime ban from teaching for taking Class A Drugs like cocaine. One mistake like Gove says he made & your teaching career is over. Who else thinks it's only fair Gove's political career is over?