All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @gusrankin: Positive reception on the doorstep this evening! Voters aware that in order to have well funded public services & NHS, the public finances must be in good order - that means keeping @jeremycorbyn out of Number 10 ❌ The only way to do that is by voting for @S_Hammond

RT @gusrankin: Fantastic reception on the doorstep this evening in Trinity. Wimbledon residents recognise that this is a straight up election between economic competence under the @Conservatives and economic disaster under Jeremy Corbyn proped up by the Lib Dems ❌ #ToryCanvass

RT @gusrankin: Positive evening on the doorstep in Wimbledon this evening 🏠 Lots of people coming around to the realisation that it is a two-horse race in Wimbledon🐴 it is clear residents do not want a Marxist in Number 10 ❌

RT @gusrankin: Positive evening up and down the streets of Wimbledon. Great turnout for @S_Hammond on this cold wintery evening 🥶 increasingly we are finding people recognise that a vote for Stephen is a vote 🗳 to keep Corbyn out of Number 10 ❌ #ToryCanvass

RT @gusrankin: Although him being a pesky older brother.. and being complimentary not in my nature (certainly about my brother). I can proudly say that there will not be a more dedicated and sincere Member of Parliament for Warwick and Leamington than @jackmrankin #BackJack 🗳#ToryCanvass

Representation and a funny, happy and positive view of what life could be as an LGBTQ plus person could be - with no tragedy or struggle- is sadly lacking. Thank you @danlevy1, @Realeugenelevy & team. These stories matter so very much. Not laughed so much for a v long time! 🌈❤️

RT @TanDhesi: Repeated requests from @UKLabour, unions and others to vaccinate teachers before schools fully reopen fell on deaf ears. If teachers now fall ill and there are class closures, Tory Ministers will be to blame for causing yet further disruption & chaos to our children’s education.

RT @TanDhesi: Human freedoms, a free press and the ability to peacefully protest are rights, which have been hard fought and won over the centuries. So please always remember, when someone tries to silence you - human rights are universal.…

RT @TanDhesi: Many of us were shocked by forced cremations of Sri Lankan Covid victims, including Muslims and Christians for whom burial rites are sacred. Hoping Sri Lanka progresses with truth, justice and reconciliation after its deadly civil war and everyone’s religious freedoms respected.

Mickey Brady (UKMPs) tweeted :

The public consultation of the #Forkhill former military barracks site has concluded. The community has voted overwhelmingly to retain the green-space site for community use. Well done to all involved 👏🏻