All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @jrc1921: RT @jrc1921: The bloke that used yesterday's Q&A with Corbyn to present a nonsense narrative supports some interesting characters

RT @jrc1921: A reminder that Phillips backed a male candidate for deputy leader when there were three women candidates to choose from

RT @Andy_hazeldine: This packed minibus is the rail replacement service transporting people from Manchester to Preston. What next? Cattle trucks? @MENnewsdesk @DavidCrausby @TheBoltonNews

RT @tomslominski: RT @tomslominski: Whenever I get Ed Vaizey's newsletter, I get anxious, because I think it's actual Ed Vaizey wanting something from me. Ev…

RT @PositiveActionH: #Serco claims it “will not force ...” but will “seek to persuade asylum seekers to peaceably leave” - Really? Then Read THIS from a #Serco resident in #Glasgow to know what really goes on @KatieHunterBBC @stvsharon

RT @PositiveActionH: Out of 32 #Serco lock change eviction letters issued between April and July 2019 to refugees and asylum seekers in #Glasgow , all have active asylum claims and almost half are in @PaulJSweeney consituency

RT @PositiveActionH: For #Asylum Seekers if you get a Notice like this do not ignore it. Is #Serco trying to evict you from your accommodation in #Glasgow ?- then get help now

RT @PositiveActionH: Positive Action in Housing is pleased to be working with @GovanLawCentre to create a fast track to Interim Interdicts against #Serco for c. 300 #asylum seekers with Notices To Quit. Legal Clinic runs 10 am-12 Noon every Mon with daily anti eviction drop ins. #Glasgow #refugees