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@SwapAholicUk @josephinebbtg @TMBCToryGroup @VoteGreenApril Your profile says you're from London. Did you come down specially to ensure nationally approved slogans were so carefully read out? It would explain why your candidate had no local detail at all especially of how 6,000 homes in our community live or any of the buses we rely on.

RT @DazRTaylor: Lovely to meet @MarcusFysh and @andrealeadsom in Yeovil! Looking forward to him retaining his seat.

Finished Day 31 #GeneralElection2019 meeting residents at the Smallholders in Rainhsm. Pleasure to meet you all & thank you for your wonderful support. Great to meet young Austin & enjoy a bit of time out from politics too.👍

RT @carriesymonds: According to YouGov, Boris wins the final debate. 👍

🔔 Two head-to-head debates 🏅 Two clear wins for @BorisJohnson #BackBoris 🗳 #VoteConservative ✔️

Question ...... Answer Question........Answer —— Q: do we want hard left socialism? A: No. We. Don’t. The noses have it. #DogOfTheDay Vote @Conservatives🔷 #BackBoris

RT @BrandonLewis: 🚨CORBYN FACT CHECK🚨 400,000 fewer people living in absolute poverty than when the Conservatives came into office. #BBCLea…

So is Corbyn lying or just unaware? The Kings Fund "There is no evidence of a significant increase in the share of spending on private providers or widespread privatisation of NHS services – even if a very broad definition of private care spending is used"

RT @tomhfh: Four years before our NHS was founded, here is the Conservative Health Secretary proposing it: