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RT @S_ReillyHii: .@londonchamber pleased to take part in a timely conversation today following yesterday’s MAC report to the government about the UK’s post-#Brexit #immigration system.

RT @DrGABaines: Bagged salad in the UK is chlorine washed. I don’t get the opposition? If you don’t want to buy chlorine washed chicken, don’t - but it may lower costs for others

RT @AndreaCooperUK: Sheila is so right! Change UK is 100% clear that a People’s Vote is only way to resolve this national crisis. @ForChange_Now…

RT @AndreaCooperUK: RT @AndreaCooperUK: A Corbyn led #GONU is the wrong answer to the right question @ForChange_Now ◽◽

Spent this morning preparing for a meeting with @RupaHuq and then met @pritipatel the Home Secretary to promote the principle that women attending clinics for an abortion should not be confronted with anti-abortion protests. Bans exist in countries like Canada and France.

We are expecting the Home Office to reassess the evidence which they presented in their 2018 review, which does not present the full picture, and to gather new evidence.

RT @BelinaLiz: Despite the many decent Labour members, the official opposition is led by a clique that they despise. None of the decent members feel they have the combined power to change the leadership which they know is leading them to electoral disaster. So they attack Jo Swinson.

RT @BelinaLiz: Hey Remainers. We need a voice. Vote for the people who stood up for us and make sure we still have a voice Vote @ChukaUmunna Vote @SamGyimah Vote @Anna_Soubry Vote @DominicGrieve1 Vote @lucianaberger And all the #RemainAlliance candidates