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RT @Daniel_IV_: RT @Daniel_IV_: Labour must be a socialist internationalist party. I’ll be voting @RLong_Bailey for leader, @RichardBurgon for deputy.

@socialactioninf Is that some kind of shitty racist slur?

RT @lynbrownmp: There are 20,000 children, & far more adults living in poverty in West Ham. Would be so grateful for donations to our foodbank, expecting increased need over half-term & Christmas. We are trying to raise £10k in next few weeks. All help so appreciated.

RT @NewModelAdviser: 'In the UK alone, reaching the official commitment of getting greenhouse gases to net zero by 2050 would require £1tn of investment. That’s around £70bn every year. That’s not something the government alone can do'…

RT @MichaelDugher: Oh I remember these days @NicolaBurdett @iainbundred @jogreen1971. Looks like a late start though. We’d normally be in before 5am ahead of a GMTV iv with @GloriaDePiero. Gordon would inexplicably demand figures for long term unemployment for Blackpool, as if that would come up..!

RT @OllieEnglish: It appears @BBCNews does not think Tens of thousands marching on Downing Street today is worth reporting! Let's show them they are wrong by sending this photo viral! #FundOurNHS

RT @stephenbrooksUK: You’ll also get: 👍🏻 a national coastal path 👍🏻 free health care at point of use 👍🏻 free prescriptions 👍🏻 higher life expectancy 👍🏻 lower gun crime 👍🏻 the Welsh language 👍🏻 cleaner environment 👍🏻 safer food 👍🏻 more castles per square miles than anywhere else in the world

RT @liambyrnemp: We need the Government to NOW 📝Tell us the timetable for a vaccine 📝Deliver a ‘short, sharp circuit breaker’ 📝Deliver a surge of financial support for the business community The #NHS is running out of beds. We need decisive action to save lives AND save livelihoods!