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RT @GeorgeTrefgarne: It’s mostly Remainers hurling insults and exaggerations; but a minority of Brexiteers too

RT @GeorgeTrefgarne: Is it just me or has the volume on Brexit hysteria gone up notch in the last 24hrs

RT @GeorgeTrefgarne: London is buoyant as floats keep on coming Optional("…")

RT @GeorgeTrefgarne: We are six years into an economic recovery, employment is a record high + the autumn colours are in the trees. SW1 and…

RT @marklynham: Just read "The Plan" by @DouglasCarswell and @DanHannanMEP - as relevant today as in 2008 #localism #directdemocracy

RT @kyledean1999: Gap in my college days being well spent reading Rebel, from @DouglasCarswell. Ever the optimist 😀🇬🇧…

RT @wallaceme: The "right strategy" apparently includes joining the Euro and launching an EU army. Jeremy's gone crazy like a wiza…

RT @GeorgeTrefgarne: I know it is fashionable to criticise DEXEU but I think they are doing a pretty good job overall