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RT @NeinQuarterly: RT @NeinQuarterly: Trust me: Monday doesn’t want to be here either.

RT @LukhanyoV: DA-run Nelson Mandela Bay honors “top” business and they all white. DA-run Western Cape honors “top” Entrepreneurs and they all white. We voting ourselves out of participating in the formal economy.

RT @LukhanyoV: Patiently looking at @Our_DA and waiting on them to do an infographic showing us how the R197 Billion fraud by Markus Jooste at Steinhoff could have built an x number of schools, RDP houses and paid for an x number of undergraduate students.

RT @Pandora_ZA: We have joined forces with @AyandaAllieP and her youth empowerment organization. When you purchase the ❤ South Africa charm, 5% goes to the Bukho Bami Youth Centre. Together, we can make a difference!

Manaks (ANC) retweeted @KaraboNkoana_za :

RT @KaraboNkoana_za: I was only 23 when I started working underground , I remember I cried the first day I had to walk 10km to Site. I told myself y should I suffer like this ke tsene skolo?tjo 🙈 but I’m starting to realise that the world meets Nobody Halfway 🤷🏽‍♀️

RT @thisappisfree: RT @thisappisfree: 7 years of hard work, the CA(SA) dream is a reality within reach now. #APC #SAICA

RT @IrepKatlego: i am soo touched! I’m lost for words actually. I seeked help from @akreana_ tweet, and alot of people pulled through. Today 100’s of Matriculants at Motswatemeng were assisted with their NSFAS applications and given school Materials 😭 Thank you soo much @ButiManamela @FloMasebe…