All deleted tweets from politicians

Former Minister of Tourism, ANC NEC and NWC, Chair of Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, ❤ South Africa

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Derek Hanekom (ANC) retweeted @RD_HaIe :

RT @RD_HaIe: A kid threw a stone at me today (and missed) so I climbed into a fighter jet and blew up his entire street with an air-to-surface missile. I'm sure you will agree I acted in self-defence.

Derek Hanekom (ANC) tweeted :

Dear Derek Andre Hanekom, you received your second of two vaccine doses on 2021-07-16 at Netcare N1 City Hospital. Your Proof of Vaccination Code is CAJU374ERU3V. You have now completed your vaccination. Please keep this code in a safe place...

RT @2white_jets: RT @2white_jets: Sunlight mixed with moonlight ? Image credits :

RT @20Somethingsblg: RT @20Somethingsblg: Some of the beautiful sculptures by Nanette Ranger around @creationwines#FynartsStory

Derek Hanekom (ANC) retweeted @SAfmnews :

RT @SAfmnews: Cabinet has decided to keep the country under lockdown alert level 3, until the 14th of October. In his last address to the nation at the end of July, President Cyril Ramaphosa moved the country from level 4 to level 3. #SABCNews

RT @DietsoDieter: RT @DietsoDieter: Welcome to @angelaaiello and @winetaylor to @creationwines. Great to have #Canadians visit. Enjoy your #RSA trip. https:/…

RT @buitengebieden_: RT @buitengebieden_: Shadow of a Millipede walking..

RT @ForDemocracySa: Another week has gone. The planned insurrection failed but there must be consequences for those responsible for the loss of life and immeasurable impacts on livelihoods. @CyrilRamaphosa @PresidencyZA #DefendOurDemocracy #DemocracyYethuKaofela