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Mother, daughter, sister. MP of the Parliament of RSA. ANC GP Spokesperson. Philosophical, committed, broad minded, lover of good food, music & conversation

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#RotiQueen (ANC) retweeted @Luyanda_Maf :

RT @Luyanda_Maf: Hey guys Please vote for me for the Drum Ambassador Competition 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🤞🏾❤️…

#RotiQueen (ANC) tweeted :

We are working hard at eradicating all mobile classrooms across Febe province. Together we will serve our client @EducationGP to change the learning conditions of our children for the better #GrowingGautengTogether

#RotiQueen (ANC) retweeted @lesedienhle :

RT @lesedienhle: Sisayonqoba🖤💚💛✊🏾✊🏾 #SiyanqobaRally #VoteANC @MYANC

#RotiQueen (ANC) retweeted @GPDID :

RT @GPDID: Watch: MEC @TasneemMotara sharing more on facilities to be housed at the Rut-Ter-Vaal Secondary School. #DIDATWork…

#RotiQueen (ANC) replied to @moloko_moloto :

@moloko_moloto I’m shooked Spokesperson 😱

#RotiQueen (ANC) retweeted @GiNO768 :

RT @GiNO768: One thing about #BraWilly, he’ll always bring up excellent points and I agree with him, it’s too pricey for locals to experien…

#RotiQueen (ANC) retweeted @Powerfm987 :

RT @Powerfm987: Presenting the 27 names that have been released so far for #987Woman, including the likes of @bonang_m, @TasneemMotara and…

#RotiQueen (ANC) retweeted @MTshwete :

RT @MTshwete: So proud of @DJNAVES for opening his own medical practice .....don't judge a book by its album cover. Well done bro👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 htt…

#RotiQueen (ANC) retweeted @GPDID :

RT @GPDID: #DIDupdates Our MEC @TasneemMotara visited Kalafong Hospital in Tshwane to interact with EPWP beneficiaries working at…

#RotiQueen (ANC) retweeted @TheGiftRSA :

RT @TheGiftRSA: @MYANC @GautengANC Long live the fearless spirit of Mam Winnie