All deleted tweets from politicians

Senator for NSW. Australian Labor Party. Mother of 3. Married to Ben for 22 years. 42nd Premier of NSW.

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Finally, a very giant thank you to @billshortenmp - who led Labor bravely, with passion, commitment, and energy, who united our federal team and gave us everything he had. Thank you to Bill and @chloeshorten - so grateful for you both.

We accept the result, & congratulate the victors tonight. We also recommit ourselves to Labor’s cause - to standing up for working people, for the aged and the disabled, for fairness and opportunity. That is our light on the hill - and in Labor, we will never let it dim.

RT @jimmyraynes: Here are the screenshots, for when the tweet gets deleted.

In 1990 I wrote a paper as an political science undergrad at Univ of Dayton about Bob Hawke. I never could have imagined then that I would meet him and campaign with him. Tomorrow, I hope Labor wins - to keep Bob’s vision of a fair go for all alive in Australia. #doitforbob

RT @BernardKeane: Dear Liberals - stop saying the Coalition supported Hawke's reforms. You didn't support Medicare - Howard promised to gut…

Hey @MathiasCormann - good morning. Hope your well. Big launch tomorrow! Is John Howard going to be there? Do you have an answer to this question yet? Cheers KK.

RT @ch150ch: @KKeneally the hoops many/most NFPs have to jump through to get $$ for DV, mental health services etc etc

And for most of that time I worked at Sky - it’s ownership structure was not what it is today. I kindly suggest you check your facts. Have a lovely day.

RT @gabriellecj: This is actually quite shocking. Twice now, the PM appears to have referred to environmental legislation that doesn’t exis…

RT @PatsKarvelas: I think the most glaring part of the Bill Shorten mum story is that she should have run for PM! Clearly a very smart woma…