All deleted tweets from politicians

Senator Elect for Queensland with Pauline Hanson’s One Nation. Authorised M Roberts c/- 38 Hudson Road Albion, Brisbane

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RT @GerardBattenMEP: Last Dec HM Gov signed the UN Compact on Migration They will import millions of people. The Compact makes it easier to come, harder to deport illegals, & will criminalise opposition under ‘racism & xenophobia, laws. The lying MSM never reported it.…

RT @DrAshSaleh: I ran multicultural awareness training for the government in the past, and I agree that it was designed to instil guilt and disillusionment into the participants for things they weren’t responsible for. Now I embrace a unified multi-ethnic Australia, not identified by race.…

While the government has backed down on changing the BOOT test, casuals must be fixed. There is a lot of chest beating about this bill but no real detail. Only One Nation will give you this amount of detail and transparency about our analysis.

RT @AdrDomFal: @MRobertsQLD The paper… The list of "scientists" are at the bottom includes Geography Lecturer Zookeeper Beekeeper accountant/book keeper Neuroscientist Political scientist Biomedical scientist Animal behaviouralists Right, "Climate" "Scientists"

This morning I talked to Marcus Paul about coal-fired power, the mess our Industrial Relations are in and the fact that the corrupt World Health Organisation actually said Australia could be where COVID originated.

RT @abcnews: RT @abcnews: Trump won't be allowed back on Twitter, platform chief says, even if he's re-elected…

1/4 The CCP-controlled World Health Organisation’s investigation into the origins of COVID-19 has turned into a bad joke as everyone knew it would. First, China disclosed no information about the disease for months while it spread in the country and they allowed people to leave

2/4 and spread it to the rest of the world. In January 2020 they forced their mouthpiece (W.H.O.) to announce China’s lie that there was “no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel coronavirus identified in Wuhan”. Then China blocked any investigators

3/4 from entering the country for nearly a year, started a trade war with Australia because we asked for an independent investigation and even delayed investigators entering the country this month for no apparent reason. China holds the blame for hiding and lying about COVID

4/4 in the early stages. If the W.H.O. wants to act as a CCP mouthpiece they can do it without any funding from Australian taxpayers. #AUSexit