All deleted tweets from politicians

Greens Senator for NSW. Feminist, Engineer, Migrant ✊🏽

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RT @AdamBandt: Almost 1m casuals are employed <12 months, many in hard-hit areas of hospo, retail & tourism. Gov wage subsidy leaves them behind. Work is now so insecure that requiring >12 mth emp’t is unrealistic & unfair. Greens will move to extend wage subsidy to all casuals/gig workers.

RT @madconnaughton: It's the public's responsibility to "flatten the curve", definitely, but the government has a responsibility, too – to massively scale up Australia's health care system in order to "raise the line"

With public money, our underfunded public schools should come first. I wrote a report dissenting to the committee's decision. You can read it here:…

RT @shalailah: Scott Cam "poses questions via the careers hub" in a Facebook Live type scenario, the Dept adds. His page - run by the Dept - has got 1400 views.

Just weeks ahead of the anniversary of the Christchurch massacre, Pete Dutton has literally said "I just don’t care honestly" when asked about the rise of neo-Nazism in Australian. This is exactly what normalises hate against Muslims and minorities.…

This bullshit false equivalence between fascist politics and anti-racism is exactly what Dutton did when he said I was "just as bad" as Fraser Anning for calling out white supremacy after the Christchurch murders. That equivalence is a real part of legitimising racism.

Here are Dutton's full comments. No amount of context can excuse them.

Peter Dutton's response to this has absolutely terrified me and other Muslims in Australia. He's the Minster responsible for ASIO and responding to right-wing extremism but has said "I just don’t care honestly".

RT @marcialangton: #MaboDay Remembering Eddie Koiki Mabo who won High Court case in 1992 for recognition of native title for the first time in Australian history & dismissal of the great lie of terra nullius. His incredible battle resulted in a measure of justice that we didn’t expect.

RT @marcialangton: #AdamGoodes #TheFinalQuarter 18 AFL, clubs apologise to Goodes - “belated but unconditional” for failing to stand up against racism.… via @theage