All deleted tweets from politicians

@Greens Senator for Victoria.

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@AdamBandt ✅ Restoring staffing cuts, lifting the public sector wages cap and raising public sector wages by 4% will lift spending in the economy and help drive wage rises in the private sector, which are stagnating.

RT @heldavidson: RT @heldavidson: Survivors of the Wave Hill Walk Off march at the opening of the 50th anniversary #freedomfestival in Kalkarindji https://t…

RT @heldavidson: RT @heldavidson: "We really need the public's attention to ensure that our politicians change the policy. This is unsustainable," - Triggs…

Sending an Australian warship to Iran is a dangerous decision that puts Australian personnel directly in harm’s way.

A lot is up in the air in the moment. With both the US and Iran now exchanging missiles, tensions are high. Trump's considering his response, and where we go now is uncertain. But one thing is clear: Australians don't want another war. Not now. Not ever. #IranAttacks

These fires should be a wake-up call to every single member of the political establishment in Australia: we need urgent action to address the breakdown of our climate. They'd damn well better be. We can't afford another fire season of denial and ignorance.

@SpillaneMj @jl_therapy literally no one is suggesting that

The Liberals have been working for years to undo climate action - from tearing up the carbon price to helping out their coal donors with public money. @AlboMP's Labor seems to want to join them. Biparteisan support for coal is a disaster for our climate. #ClimateEmergency

This is a dark day not just for the Australian Parliament, but for the people who have been locked up in those offshore hellholes. Someone is lying about this secretive deal. The @Greens will work to find out what’s been negotiated. #Medevac #auspol