All deleted tweets from politicians

Aquatic Ape, Scruffy Economist & Greens Senator for Tasmania. Portfolios: Competition Policy, Trade & Consumer Affairs; Fisheries,Oceans & Whaling; ICH DIEN

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RT @ImperiledOceans: RT @ImperiledOceans: Corals face 'slow starvation' from ingesting plastics pollution, experts find via @guardian htt…

RT @BuzzFeedOzNews: RT @BuzzFeedOzNews: Incredible view of #CycloneDebbie from the International Space Station.

RT @Seasaver: The massive industrial Chinese fishing fleet currently off the Galapagos Islands. You can see similar scenes around the globe - in fact anywhere that still supports healthy populations of marine life. Unless we protect the high seas the ocean WILL become a lifeless desert. 🇨🇳

RT @JohnRossBowie: RT @JohnRossBowie: These guys? Fucking PSYCHED about the private jet write-off.

RT @MrSimblaa: CLIMATE RECKONING: Humiliating defeat for a party that has resisted, sabotaged, and laughed off action to curb emissions for more than a decade. Stop letting the coal lobby pull your strings or this will happen at the federal election too. #WentworthVotes

RT @MrSimblaa: Watching @AdaniAustralia try to troll @David_Ritter by throwing non-factual spaghetti against a virtual wall and hoping it will stick is strangely mesmerising.…

RT @MrSimblaa: RT @MrSimblaa: @SenatorSurfer This can't be how the world ends. Not with a bang but with a chuckle.

RT @MrSimblaa: @SenatorSurfer Birmingham and co laugh at GBR bleaching, Dutton jokes about rising seas in Pacific, Frydenberg joked about ski season and warming. No this.

RT @ABC_NewsRadio: RT @ABC_NewsRadio: Borrowing to invest more in public infrastructure best way to improve GDP, says @SenatorSurfer

RT @ABC_NewsRadio: Super Trawler "Geelong Star" slips off radar the same day a Senate inquiry into Trawlers is tabled @SenatorSurfer