All deleted tweets from politicians

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So Fed Parliament...?

@JacquelineMaley @BrigidWD But we’re they isolated with toddlers...?

I don’t always/often/ever compliment the government, was just so glad to see an ad about the importance of childhood vaccinations on tv though. 👍

RT @imwillis_: RT @imwillis_: .@ReachTEL poll just tried to tell me that "Carmen Garcia" is the Federal member for Adelaide. Someone better @KateEllisMP #…

RT @ArmaniZadeh: Who gives a shit that he was a former #NRL player. How about saying he murdered his kids and tried to murder his wife? Read the @OurWatchAus guidelines for reporting domestic violence!

RT @HuffPost: RT @HuffPost: Trump will become the first president to attend the March for Life, an anti-abortion protest.


RT @LaborHerald: RT @LaborHerald: If Turnbull wants innovation he should start by fully supporting the Gonski reforms, argues @KateEllisMP >>…

RT @anguslivingston: it is fair to say Victoria is angry about a massive defence contract being handed to Queensland, where the marginal seats are…

RT @workmanalice: RT @workmanalice: Here’s Nationals MP David Gillespie claiming extra preschool can leave kids with a lower IQ ◽