All deleted tweets from politicians

Federal Member for Adelaide

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RT @anguslivingston: it is fair to say Victoria is angry about a massive defence contract being handed to Queensland, where the marginal se…

RT @workmanalice: Here’s Nationals MP David Gillespie claiming extra preschool can leave kids with a lower IQ 🧐

@WGoodings I certainly hope you wouldn’t get carried away with hyperbole and ever a Wohler’s gift card on false premises. Wohler’s deserve so much more than that. AFC has never said any such thing.

@WGoodings He said a fair bit more than that though didn’t he. A whole lot of stuff about us reviewing and doing everything we can to fix problems and improve first.

RT @workmanalice: point of order mr speaker when can we watch dora the explorer

I know there have been many recent articles about the dangers of mum’s drinking habits these days. I have decided after my day today though & when I don’t have any, that I am firmly in the camp that parenting is often better with wine

RT @CUhlmann: Think Clive Palmer wants to Make Australia Great? Read the fine print on his corflutes... made in China. The bloviating bill…

RT @billshortenmp: Let's end the chaos. Let’s vote for change. Let’s win this.

Come on polling booths, open! I’m excited!!! #goLabor

RT @patbcaruana: the new assistant minister for multicultural affairs