All deleted tweets from politicians

Labor Member for Gellibrand, Shadow Asst Minister for Communications & Cybersecurity. Authorised: Tim Watts, 97 Geelong Rd, #Footscray.

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RT @camsydcbr: We would have *almost* all the useful information for the community (journalists, school principals, small businesses owners, translators, etc) in one place.

RT @camsydcbr: By adding the useful additional information on the @VicGovDHHS site: 9. Comparative symptoms of COVID (flu/colds) 10. Clinical resources for GPs and health services 11. Education resources for early learning centres, schools, TAFE, etc 12. Translated information

RT @camsydcbr: Dear @ScottMorrisonMP, @GregHuntMP, Everyone is frustrated by the confusing and conflicting information the Australian government is providing on #COVIDー19. The @healthgovau @NSWHealth websites are hot mess. The @VicGovDHHS is currently the best in the country.

RT @ByronTau: RT @ByronTau: Best practice: 1 screenshot unfactual tweet 2 delete it 3 post a new tweet with screenshot, correction and acknowledgement it…

Now more than 2 months late, hurried in Peter Dutton’s in tray ◽

RT @Matt_B_Tyler: RT @Matt_B_Tyler: "a dollar in the Australian #socialsecurity system does more to reduce #inequality than a dollar in any other #welfare sy…

RT @Matt_B_Tyler: There is no evidence - from anywhere in the world - that a company tax cut would lead to “more money for schools and hospitals” - what a load of rubbish from @MStutch #insiders

RT @Matt_B_Tyler: .@LiberalAus walk away from #climatechange action because... "They've got houses, school bills, cars set up for themselves on the basis they're earning $200,00+. What do they do if they're suddenly out of work?" Worried backbencher #leadership #auspol…

(Naughton aside)

This is suspiciously enjoyable #AFLSwansDogs #MightyWest