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RT @tanya_plibersek: #BREAKING: Absolutely extraordinary. National Party education minister slammed his own Government’s university plan today, but apparently never raised his concerns with the education department… #auspol @MurrayWatt

RT @JulieCollinsMP: Scott Morrison saying the tragic events that have occurred at Victorian nursing homes where residents have been left abandoned could not have been ‘anticapted’ is not true. It did happen. Just a year ago at the Earle Haven nursing home. #insiders

RT @AmandaRishworth: Child care centres in Melbourne to close, and now the educators don’t have JobKeeper. As Labor and the sector warned, the risks of using early educators as the test case for withdrawing JobKeeper have now been realised. What’s your plan @DanTehanWannon? #auspol

RT @lenoretaylor: RT @lenoretaylor: Never seen such need: MPs swamped as Australians adjust to life in a pandemic…

RT @lenoretaylor: RT @lenoretaylor: ABC loses $793m funding since 2014 when Coalition made its first cuts – report…

RT @ThwaitesKate: RT @ThwaitesKate: I’ve had this feedback from early childhood educators today as well ◽

RT @JessWalshVic: Educators are distressed and angry. They’ve been there for families every day during this pandemic. They’ve turned up without PPE or social distancing when everyone else was told to stay home. We need to be there for them now.

RT @JEChalmers: Every delay to the introduction of paid pandemic leave by Morrison costs lives and jeopardises the recovery. Discussed this as well as super, aged care, cleaner and cheaper energy, the Victorian outbreak and the future of JobKeeper on @InsidersABC #auspol…

RT @SchofieldJo: Vic early education in peril, and tens of thousands of educators left without any support “The sweeping changes announced today in Victoria have exposed the true foolhardiness of cutting JobKeeper for early education.”

This. Is. Scott. Morrison’s. Mess