All deleted tweets from politicians

Cameroonian/Russian writer, director, producer, and performer from Amsterdam living in New York City. 'The artist's job is to reflect the times' - Nina Simone.

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RT @TheWRACGroup: RT @TheWRACGroup: On Saturday, @DebbieBMoon is moderating this Queer TV & Film Panel. Registration is still open, and the link is in the tw…

Anousha Nzume (bij1) retweeted @ErkinEr_ :

RT @ErkinEr_: RT @ErkinEr_: Hey Google, wat is wit feminisme?

RT @BasitMahmood91: RT @BasitMahmood91: 46% of Muslims live in the 10% most deprived local authority areas in England. No one in power wants to talk about how…

RT @Aribaby1704: RT @Aribaby1704: Follow Caleb on ig so we can get him to 100k on ig just like Justine #LoveIslandUSA #LoveIsland

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RT @Disruptia: RT @Disruptia: Stem op drie vrouwen, in plaats van op een! Stem op Dipsaus voor de #DutchPodcastAwards! (is dit nu BNR-Engels Bas Heijne?…

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RT @Disruptia: RT @Disruptia: *triiiing* ☎️ Kopje Koffie Consultancy, goedemiddag!

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RT @TVietor08: RT @TVietor08: Images of looting are dominating the news. I do not condone violence or theft, but this video below is the real story. There…

RT @EmmaKennedy: RT @EmmaKennedy: I’m 100% certain if Alex Jones was black or Muslim, he’d have been arrested for inciting domestic terrorism