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RT @postmodern_fam: RT @postmodern_fam: What an absolute top lad. Honour him!

RT @francesbarber13: This is an exceptional woman. She is speaking out with a high profile open to smears & extraordinary abuse from Corbynites. History will show she was on the right side. I was a member & supporter of @UKLabour for 40 years. I openly hate this Leadership.…

"It would be good to see representatives of the Chinese regime included (in sanctions against sanctions against human rights abusers) because whether it's Tibet, the Uighurs or now Hong Kong... all three of his criteria apply in those cases"

RT @francesbarber13: Believe me younger people. I lived through the 70’s. We had shit trains, curled up ham sandwiches on stale bread, 3 day weeks doing homework in candlelight, bins not collected rats all over the kitchen, misery miserableness. Don’t go there!

RT @BritComMil: It's Queens Birthday W/End here in NZ, so hoping you all have a good one no matter where you are! We will still be posting a few "snippets", and also starting as of today, how some Regiments and Corps actually got their nicknames!

The @NHSuk is something we can all be proud of. The Conservatives and Liberals proposed it, Labour implimented it, and a succession of governments and parliaments have helped to protect and develop it ever since. 72 claps for 72 proud and caring years of our NHS. #NHS72

RT @RichardNorthey: @RobertSyms @paulwaugh Exactly. We need to open up faster. If protestors can congregate in the streets of London why are businesses being put in jeopardy for days and even weeks ahead? Those who are terrified can stay in their homes.

RT @RichardNorthey: @DrGABaines @CarolineMack18 Frank Field would be a positive addition to the House of Lords, which is a marked difference to the detritus Corbyn put forward.