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RT @RichardGrenell: I don’t think the DC media knows where the Balkans are….why else would they ignore the fact that Joe Biden has another foreign policy failure on his hands.

@johnredwood Given the current level of inflation, benefits and pensions should be increased by at least part of the annual inflation related increase due next April. The recipients of these benefits and pensions need the support now to cope with rising prices.

RT @AlzSocEMidlands: RT @AlzSocEMidlands: Thanks to @AndrewBridgenMP for attending our activity group session yesterday in Ashby-de-la-Zouch…

RT @GoodwinMJ: Labour won projected national vote in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, tied in 2018 & 2019. Yet 2015, 2017 & 2019 general elections gave Con gvts. Cons lost 1000 seats in '86, in '91, 400 in 2011, 1300 in 2019. All followed by Con majorities. Yes. Cons on ropes but keep perspective.

So as DPP Keir Starmer WAS responsible for prosecuting Chris Huhne but WASN’T responsible for prosecuting Jimmy Saville. How does that work? Captain Hindsight cherry picking again.

RT @NevenaBridgen: Four years ago my husband @ABridgen said the deal with the EU will be reached at the very end of the expiration date which is exactly what has happened. Let’s hope it’s a good deal on paper and it gets approve by the end of the year.Happy Christmas!

RT @NevenaBridgen: RT @NevenaBridgen: Tory ‘Spartans’ finally toast victory over Theresa May that helped deliver Brexit…

RT @SkyNews: RT @SkyNews: John Bercow: Former Speaker banned from parliament for life after bullying inquiry finds him guilty…

RT @LeaveMnsLeave: Remainers go apopletic about this because it ruins their narrative that most people regret voting for Brexit. @ABridgen is right: most people just want to get on with it #LetsGoWTO

RT @LeaveMnsLeave: Today on the #MarchToLeave we are joined by @ABridgen as we march from Sutton Bonington. We continue to fight for a No Deal Brexit on our journey to London!