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RT @AnoushkaLucas: I’ve been reading Women who run with the wolves. I tried it before but I didn’t get it. This song came out of Chapter 1, so I think I’ll call it Bluebeard. #womenwhorunwiththewolves

RT @foreignoffice: On 4 June, the world comes together to help immunise 30 million more children and protect them against deadly diseases. The UK will host the Global Vaccine Summit to raise funds for @gavi, the Vaccine Alliance.

RT @JamesCleverly: It's now more vital than ever that we continue to support the work of @UNOCHA and NGOs to protect the most vulnerable people from #coronavirus in #Syria.   I'm proud that the [UK flag] is a leading aid donor to Syrians in need.

RT @WFP: WFP warns that #COVID19 may push an additional 10 million children into acute malnutrition. 🎦 @LaurenLandis1, WFP Director of Nutrition explains 👇

RT @gavi: Vaccines help children enjoy healthy childhoods and be protected from infectious diseases so they can grow up to be active, fit and healthy adults. #HealthyAtHome #BeActive #WalkTheTalk.

RT @arabnews: #SPOTLIGHT: #SaudiArabia’s firsthand experience of #MERS proves useful as it deals with, and seeks to find, a vaccine for the #coronavirus disease #COVID19

RT @janekinninmont: Thanks @alistairburt for the “grab 6 books” challenge. My books vary a lot from room to room. Here’s a living room selection: Dr Seuss, David Mitchell, Brian Patten &some mysterious beasts. Tagging @sabrina_mahtani @wtfrench76 @peteswabey @peterjsalisbury @PatriciaMary @dcryan

RT @SimonFraser00: I’ve said this before, but it needs saying again: far too little attention has yet been given to the human & economic effects #Covid19 will have in developing countries, & what this will in turn mean for the rest of the world...

RT @JamesDalyMP: On this day in 1846 the House of Commons voted to repeal the corn laws. I couldn't be more proud to occupy the Summer seat (hence the village name) of the brilliant, 2 times Conservative PM, Sir Robert Peel, the man most associated with the founding of the modern police force.

RT @Cumbriana: @AlistairBurtUK @NonLeagueCrowd Thank so much Alistair for sharing. It is really a great project for the club. The #mufc fans have embraced it and we are really looking forward to the online steaming on 30 May.