All deleted tweets from politicians

MP for Broxtowe and life long One Nation Tory. Constituents please email me on

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RT @JonClements77: This explains precisely and factually why so many people with knowledge of the pre-2015 Worboys and his offending struggle to understand how he has managed to transform himself into an legitimate candidate for parole in a couple of years.…

RT @AndreaCooperUK: RT @AndreaCooperUK: A Corbyn led #GONU is the wrong answer to the right question @ForChange_Now ◽◽

RT @huwbbc: I would always defend the right of my MP to vote according to her conscience even if I strongly disagreed with her. That’s what representative parliamentary democracy is all about. #brexitbill #BrexitDeal

RT @SkyNewsBreak: RT @SkyNewsBreak: Former Conservative MP Charlie Elphicke has been found guilty of three counts of sexual assault at Southwark Crown Court

RT @bluemonkeybrew: The brew team are at GBBF and we want to shout from the rooftops that Infinity has won the Golden Ale Category. Thanks to all who support us

RT @bluemonkeybrew: RT @bluemonkeybrew: Some of the Monkey Crew are at #GBBF today so don't forget to say hello if you see us.

RT @bluemonkeybrew: RT @bluemonkeybrew: Happy #ChineseNewYear Don't forget your Year of the Monkey bottles to help celebrate. @bluemonkeybrew…

RT @bluemonkeybrew: RT @bluemonkeybrew: Coming Soon to a party near you. Monkey Bar will bring a pub to you. Contact for details. ht…

RT @James_AH1: The hazmat suits are out at Leicester CC this morning. The robing room is off limits and they started this process this morning apparently. Given that people using this court have had to isolate themselves since earlier this week, it may be a little late by now #hazmatsareout