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RT @bengerbelle: RT @bengerbelle: @Anna_Soubry well said comments on misogyny in Labour Party right now. Very nice to hear Tory MP support to opposite bench…

RT @peterwalker99: We’re now getting MPs’ final words digested into 4-minute chunks due to time limits. Anna Soubry says the Conservatives are meant to be the party of the future, and so should not put forward a deal that so harms the young.

RT @peterwalker99: With Priti Patel, Grant Shapps and Gavin Williamson back int the cabinet, Boris Johnson's government is in danger of resembling some sort of heist film where they bust all the old lags out of prison for one last job.

RT @peterwalker99: I just bumped into Dominic Cummings, who was clutching a glass of red wine and wandering along the parliamentary press corridor, lost and looking for a particular newspaper office. This is not a usual occurrence.

RT @JohnJCrace: RT @JohnJCrace: Peter Bone: ‘it was only when we got a PM prepared to lie that we got Brexit done’

Watch the clip & make up you’re own mind. And then there’s the GIF….. definite contender for #WazzockOfTheDay

RT @redditchrachel: Highly inaccurate and irresponsible reporting. Sky have misrepresented my comments about a longer term plan and options for some people and suggested I think they are short term answers. They are not, I did not say this and I clearly set out all the immediate help provided.

RT @peterwalker99: Hard to overstate how extraordinary this is. A department's top civil servant making a TV statement to call their secretary of state: • untruthful • uncooperative • a bully who shouts at & undermines staff *And* to confirm they've refused a pay-off to go to go to a tribunal.

RT @peterwalker99: If there ever was a moment for a vast, hugely ambitious, urgent programme of building safe space for walking and cycling, this really is it. And not just in London - UK-wide. It is pretty much the only way to avoid transport chaos.

RT @CrimeGirI: 🚨CRIM BAR, SOLICITORS, UNDERCOVER TWITTER JUDGES AND ALL COURT STAFF 🚨 For the next few weeks, if you have examples of stood-out hearings and newsworthy ‘no returns’ examples, please send to @JamesDRossiter or @TheCriminalBar via DM. Alternatively me + I’ll fwd. Thank you 🔥