All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @ColSMal: RT @ColSMal: Congratulations @John2Win ! You'll be a fantastic MP.

@paulhutcheon Yeah maybe....... they won’t throw immigration to us on it will they?

RT @Jackson_Carlaw: Today I've announced my Shadow Cabinet team👇 We'll work flat out to beat this failing SNP government at next year's election. We’re ready to hit the ground running & offer Scotland a genuine alternative to Nicola Sturgeon's tired, listless and constitutionally obsessed regime.

RT @ChrisMusson: @nick_gutteridge A reminder of the SNP's Europe/Scotland projection and how some observers of social media may have been left with the impression that it was a European Commission stunt... rather than a stunt the European Commission has referred to the police

RT @MrTCHarris: When was the last time Nicola Sturgeon called a special Bute House press conference to announce a new initiative on health or school standards?

RT @RuthDavidsonMSP: Today at FMQs, Jackson Carlaw asked about the welfare and support of the 16 year old messaged by Derek McKay. The FM said the government had no knowledge of his name. She omitted that the SG had demanded it the night before in an email. Official Report & email excerpt below.

RT @AndyEMorrison: That moment when you realise Tom Harris is not the only former Labour MP who is defecting to the @ScotTories due to dithering on the Union, failure to respect democracy, and the extreme position of @jeremycorbyn #stvdebate

RT @HeartScotNews: RT @HeartScotNews: The crowds in George Square celebrate at 11pm as Britain leaves the EU #HeartNews

RT @Annemarieward: @AnnieWellsMSP Yes lets focus on the powers we do have & keep working on putting the pressure on for the ones that we dont. I sat disgusted in the chamber today & watched my friends & families deaths being used like a political football.#YOUKEEPTALKINGWEKEEPDYING WASTING EVERYONES TIME !

RT @AnnieWellsMSP: RT @AnnieWellsMSP: So @PeteWishart - you've said we need more rehab beds, will you ask your Holyrood colleagues to vote for this? https://t…