All deleted tweets from politicians

Bob Blackman

Member of Parliament for Harrow East. Avid Spurs fan.

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RT @mehdih44: @bobblackmanmp brilliant performance as usual in Gaza debate thank you for speaking the truth

RT @PaxtonRoadPod: Today is the start of a journey that hopefully ends up in Tottenham town hall #FACup #coys

RT @anisrth: @bobblackmanmp @TarekFatah Long live the India-UK friendship! :)

RT @LeeVonLeft: 150 men looking for a days work outside B&Q Queensbury. 21st Century Dock Gates @bobblackmanmp

RT @vishalsaprooo: Sorry couldn't join you guys today 😔 but we are with you all the way...... @votebobblackman @KaulLakshmi @Conservatives

RT @lodsjj: @RossThomson_MP @Dr_Dan_1 Thanks, @RossThomson_MP. Glad that you're taking an active interest in the issues that affect British…

RT @Mkkara: @NHSEnglandLDN doing wonderful job. Already invited and screened thousands over 55+ Excellent programme for early detection. Th…

RT @Mkkara: It was down memory lane. Studied at Poona (now Pune) University in late sixties. Pune is a city of life!…