All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @ashfield_lee: RT @ashfield_lee: I was a miner

RT @CassandraRules: This is who the rioters are hurting. They’re not hurting the police. They’re not hurting the people who they think are “oppressing them.” They’re hurting people like this. It’s sick.

RT @Tim_R_Dawson: For a man whose main selling point is a supposed forensic command of detail, you'd think Sir Keir would have checked the facts. Nadia Whittome wasn't sacked for "speaking out", it was for pretending that her care home had a PPE shortage when in fact it had 3 months' supply.

RT @DouglasCarswell: In 1753 Judge William Blackstone confirmed in a ruling that slavery had no basis in English common law. Were a slave to merely land in England, they would cease to be a slave. At that time, slavery existed in most other cultures and continents. England led the way in abolition

RT @jksutherland: RT @jksutherland: What a difference a decade makes ◽…

RT @sdis_94: It should be noted that Liz McInnes is telling Ian Austin – who, as the son of a Jewish Holocaust refugee, left the Labour Party over antisemitism – that “[he is not] welcome here” and “go and sit over there”. Genuinely uncomfortable to watch.

RT @universal_sci: RT @universal_sci: It takes Neptune 165 years to orbit the Sun, it has only recently completed its first orbit since its discovery! https:/…

RT @universal_sci: RT @universal_sci: Interesting fact: The sun makes up 99.86% of the solar systems mass!