All deleted tweets from politicians

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@jackbarber93 This is one of the difficult areas for judgment. Let us suppose that someone, in this case Mr Cummings, actually tried his best to observe the rules and also tried to protect his family. Let’s say, with hindsight and not having just recovered from a terrible case of Covid, his

RT @universal_sci: RT @universal_sci: 10 Years Of Progress In The Boston Dynamics Robotics

RT @mikelovestweets: I was just standing in the queue for Aldi. The 2 ladies behind me were discussing "Stay Alert." They said to each other "it's confusing innit." I asked them why it was confusing. They both said because they'd heard someone on the telly say it was confusing. I rest my case.

Looks like @ITV are demanding that people do not watch @ITV tomorrow morning.

RT @StringyMCFC: RT @StringyMCFC: Huge thanks to @ChrisGreenMP re. Formby Hall, listening to local people. Making a lot of friends in a traditionally labour…

RT @StringyMCFC: RT @StringyMCFC: @ChrisGreenMP Good to see you there Chris and to know you are supporting us. Our town has it’s faults and problems but we…

RT @DrDavidJeffery: I'm running to be @ConservativePF Voluntary Director. I'm not doing this to further my own career - I don't want to be an MP. I want to use CPF as a platform to give @Conservatives members more power and a greater say over policy and manifestos. Here's a 📹setting out my stall.

RT @DrDavidJeffery: David Skelton has been one of the most perceptive commentators when it comes to One Nation Conservative and typical red wall voters. I'm proud to say he backs for me for @ConservativePF Voluntary Chair.

RT @AgainstSugarTax: We agree! @KateAndrs from the Institute of Economic Affairs, absolutely nails it in this City AM article today. The nanny state is increasingly emboldened with their control freakery.…