All deleted tweets from politicians

Deputy Leader of @ScotTories and MSP for Eastwood I Constituent?

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Very concerning visit to shops on Eastwood Mains Road this morning with @PM4EastRen which have sadly been recent targets of burglaries. Anybody who might know anything about these crimes should contact @EastRenPolice.

Possibly when he allowed himself to be flattered by the over-priced Liberals racket?

RT @WaddellCooks: Finally got around to reading “Fallout” from @ShippersUnbound. Fantastic lifting of the veil of post referendum Britain…

RT @benrathe: Jeremy Corbyn. A man so incompetent he couldn't find a busy train in the UK.

RT @ABritView: How SNP tax plans will affect you. Interesting table.

RT @gordoh: What does 30% of taxpayers mean? Luckily, the SNP govt produced this infographic, so we know which oligarchical, ri…

RT @gordoh: Here's the SNP asking for a sunset clause. Which they got. #FMQs

No Jeremy (various), No Boris, No Nicola. #recessreading

RT @MsypEuan: Date change! #WoodfarmDebate now Wed30th! Get your tickets now! @JLindenMSYP @ExtraSouthside

RT @MsypEuan: Had a wonderful night at #WoodfarmDebate! Thanks to the panellists, school and audience! #SP16