All deleted tweets from politicians

Member of Parliament Kamloops Thompson Cariboo - Critic Indigenous Affairs

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RT @poneilinOttawa: @Cathy_McLeod, citing Onion Lake FN case, blasts @Carolyn_Bennett for "deplorable" refusal to enforce transparency law…

@mikehenry1 as Dean at TRU and chair of the @ktcliberals campaign retweeting the leader of the Conservative party with a a swastika on his chest is totally shameful!

There lies the problem. Now guilty of 2 violations but no insight as to why it was wrong.

RT @MarkAdlerMP: Mulcair's position on protecting Canadians from ISIS #elxn42 #cdnpoli

RT @MarkAdlerMP: The NDP is consistently against the development of our resources and our economy #elxn42 #Cdnpoli

RT @MarkAdlerMP: Our federal debt as a share of #GDP is expected to decline next year & fall to 25 per cent of GDP by 2021.…

RT @MarkAdlerMP: #Canada’s net #debt is the lowest of any #G-7 country!

RT @MarkAdlerMP: After nine years of @PMHarper's leadership, here's how #Canada ranks:

RT @MarkAdlerMP: Minister Flaherty introduced Financial System Review Act- ensures Canada continues its strong & secure financial system ...

Meeting today regarding #Forestrycrisis and unusual to see all levels of Government represented by women #SouthCariboo. FN/Fed/Prov/local.