All deleted tweets from politicians

Member of Parliament for Somerton & Frome in stunning Somerset. Regularly forgets to bring a coat, and should play the piano more.

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RT @farmyardfable: RT @farmyardfable: Dad band aiming for #xmasno1 in aid of compost loo! Go on please download and share like mad! #farmyardfable https://t.c…

RT @farmyardfable: #FeelGoodFriday please support these monkeys & their tiny school by downloading our dads Xmas single watch it here!…

RT @farmyardfable: RT @farmyardfable: A West Country dads band bid for Xmas No.1 @DJWarburton - let's get this going viral

Hold the front page. It was prize-giving today for the 6 lucky winners of the Compton Dundon scarecrow competition. Fear not, all are in social bubbles or appropriately socially-distanced etc, but we're also together outside for a bit of proper community spirit. Bring it on. 🏆

#EasterMonday throwback to #lockdownlife a year ago today - the day my dad died and when I still had a piano Sometimes good to just make it up as you go along and see what happens... even if it comes out like this 🎵

@jpcpitman @apmcook @9thfloor @SteveBakerHW @pauljholmes Today I and 75 others voted AGAINST renewing the Coronavirus powers for another six months.

@madscientist700 @CllrAdamBoyden Thanks for your message - the answer, as Adam rightly suspected, is no. And here's my thinking:

Looking forward to seeing #BudgetSpeech2021 (and then reading through the details£ this afternoon. Some positive signs that voices have been heard #Budget 📈

Still pressing and hoping for positive news on the wedding industry #whataboutweddings @WAWofficialUK #weddings