All deleted tweets from politicians

MSP Mid-Scotland and Fife Region, Scottish Conservative Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Constitution, Europe and External Affairs

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England and NI really stepping up their vaccination programme, recruiting thousands of volunteers and utilising the armed forces to a far greater extent. The supplies are in Scotland (despite some Trumpian fake news promoted by cyberwars today) so there really are no excuses left

RT @Douglas4Moray: The SNP's shameless push for another referendum this year would wreck our recovery from the pandemic. We need to focus on building up Scotland, not breaking up our country.

Excellent news. Scotland has two governments and it is good to se the U.K. Government stepping up to cover gaps left by ScotGov negligence and incompetence. New UK Shared Prosperity Fund to bypass Holyrood - BBC News…

RT @darrengrimes_: It's kicking OFF in Scotland as the former First Minister, Alex Salmond, says Nicola Sturgeon 'misled' the Scottish Parliament – and accuses her of breaking the ministerial code! – if found to be true, that's her political career over.

RT @Theetownhead: Day 40 since I first wrote to @KateForbesMSP as President of the Scottish Licensed Trade Association, and still no replies however she is still tweeting away. So here is another letter sent yesterday. #COVID19 #hospitality #dontignoreus

RT @BryanFlannagan: In the last few weeks I have had local businesses report upwards of 50% and in once instance a reduction of 90% of their turning due to COVID. The fact anyone in Government, let alone the DFM, views independence as a priority at a time like this is disgraceful.

Contacting by a number of businesses this morning who found that the fund had closed for applications whilst they were in the process of applying. Clearly there needs to be some sort of extension and increase in the budget available for this fund? @KateForbesMSP

RT @SophieSandor: Jesus Christ. When I read yesterday that the government was intending to draw up a list of what it deems “essential”, like we’re in some kind of communist regime & abandoning any notion that it’s for the individual to know what they need, I did imagine bizarre scenes like this.

RT @SkyNewsHuw: RT @SkyNewsHuw: COVID-19: 2.4 million have received coronavirus jab in UK, says Boris Johnson…

The Scottish Government approved the trip! Grievance at every level of the Scottish Government even public health advisors!