All deleted tweets from politicians

MP for Hexham since 2010. Govt Whip. Former amateur steeplechase jockey & lawyer. Passionate about Northumberland, Tynedale Community Bank, prison reform + more

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RT @highfieldmiddle: RT @highfieldmiddle: Yesterday we had a visit from MP Guy Opperman who talked to our Yr 8 pupils about Parliament issues and politics.Thank…

RT @NickOliver66: Productive day in the Commons today meeting with @margot_james_mp to make the case for investment in broadband in the NE. Thanks to @GuyOpperman and @annietrev for supporting our case so strongly.

RT @StrongerInPress: RT @StrongerInPress: .@GuyOpperman on @bbc5live says Obama clearly states that our economic prospects are greatly enhanced by remaining in…

RT @StrongerInPress: RT @StrongerInPress: .@GuyOpperman on @bbc5live says we want to enhance our trade agreements by remaining in the EU #StrongerIn

RT @WalkHaltwhistle: RT @WalkHaltwhistle: Booking open for walks on Northumberland Day May 28th Come and celebrate our wonderful county @NLandDay @TweetNland ht…

RT @WalkHaltwhistle: The bluebells are coming into their own in Northumberland at the moment. See them on most of our walks this week. Not too late to book @HaltwhistleBurn @discovernland @NTHadriansWall @NorthPennAONB

RT @WalkHaltwhistle: RT @WalkHaltwhistle: Quiet day in Northumberland. Good time to book Haltwhistle Spring Walking Festival

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RT @Liberal_Tory: Great to see @GuyOpperman talking about his work on implementing 'green taxes' in @DWP It's very welcome to hear that the government is focused on solving climate change, especially post-Covid #OneNation #LiberalConservatives are environmentalists to our core @ToryReformGroup