All deleted tweets from politicians

Député - Bellechasse-Etchemins-Lévis. Porte-parole @cpc_hq - Patrimoine. Conservative Shadow Minister for Heritage.

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Aide aux médias: Ottawa ouvert à des changements… Le gouvernement Trudeau envisage AUGMENTER son plan de sauvetage des médias. Leurs "experts" veulent que l’argent circule dès cet automne. Quoi d'autre se passe cet automne? Oh: l'élection.

@EngageCanada , financed by @UniforTheUnion , will propagate some more of their theatrical anti-Conservative ads tonight during the Raptors Game. But don’t worry, Trudeau assures us @JerryPDias and Unifor are independent voices on the Media Bailout Panel…

In 1967 Pierre Trudeau said: “there’s no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation." In 2019 Justin Trudeau thinks there is a place for the state in the newsrooms of the nation.

What do you think? How much money will this actually save? @Rodriguez_Pab usually doesn’t mind throwing money around in his department, as we have seen with his Media Bailout (which is a mess) Federal government stops sending photos of Queen to Canadians

What do you think? The Queen is a historical figure many admire. I would like to know how much money this will save. Lib Minister @Rodriguez_Pab usually doesn’t mind throwing money around in his department (as we have seen with his Media Bailout mess)...

Dans une façon typiquement Libérale, le plan de sauvetage des médias des Libéraux prévoit que la majorité des millions du plan seront dépensés après l’élection. Complètement inapproprié. La perception du conflit d’interêt est préoccupante.

Great to see so many Conservatives at the @PC_Manitoba Blue Skies Dinner. A lot of blue skies all over Canada nowadays!

RT @Dgaudreau18: J'annonce que je supporte @StevenBlaneyPCC comme chef du PCC