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For Drowning Prevention Week - 18th-25th June, St Peter & St Paul #Bexhill pupils joined me for a seafront water safety lesson with local @RLSS lifeguard, Dean. Free resources visit: and the animation can be viewed by visiting…

RT @lionelbarber: Tories and their media allies have done a brilliant job turning the beer tables on Keir Starmer, but dragging the police into the political arena in Durham (and London) cannot be long-term good. ps can we please have the Sue Gray report?

My column for @timesredbox on the need for Parliament and Govt to close the legal loopholes which @poferries have used to evade process and dismiss 800 workers (title a little more dramatic than the content). 👀 Read here:…

The Chief Executive of @Poferries blatantly admitted they broke the law & believed they could buy their way out. He should resign & be struck off as company director. Govt should prosecute & remove its licence to operate in the UK so other companies don’t follow suit. 2/6

@DPWorldUK confirmed it signed off on @POferries’ plans. Govt should review their access to taxpayer’s money, especially in proposed UK freeports. 3/6

The nature and application of employment and maritime law must be clarified through legislation to make clear that such business practices are not legal. Govt should examine enforcing minimum wage for seafarers serving on ferries sailing to & from UK ports. 4/6

Govt should injunct to compel consultation before large-scale redundancies & changes to pay & terms & conditions where companies refuse to do so. If Govt can prove notification failure, it should utilise the unlimited fine mechanism & show this practice will not be tolerated. 5/6

P&O CONCLUSIONS SUMMARISED BELOW 👇🏻 @darrenpjones and I have set out our top-line conclusions in a letter to the Transport Secretary and the Business Secretary following our Committees’ joint session on @Poferries last week. 1/6