All deleted tweets from politicians

Conservative MP for Braintree. Deputy Chairman of the @Conservatives

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RT @reporterboy: RT @reporterboy: After that debate anyone who tells me it’s a vicious smear campaign can got to hell

RT @reporterboy: RT @reporterboy: Regardless of who you agree with or what you thought of the exchange that IS a relevant question to the newspaper https://…

RT @Jam_Bake: EDIT: Labour MP sacked as carer for upsetting residents by fabricating PPE shortage, as retirement village confirms it had three months supply and expressed concern about false allegations

RT @reporterboy: On balance I would prefer that Select Committees could compel people to answer and appear than they felt they can over run or go on as long as it pleases them. One would make them powerful the other looks like trying too hard to prove they are

RT @MRJPengelly: Great to hear @jamescleverly emphasise @Conservatives proud record of caring for environment, fighting poverty, standing up for human rights and animal welfare & reminding us we need to spend more time talking about these achievements

RT @reporterboy: RT @reporterboy: That Momentum film is 4 minutes and 44 seconds long and two years too late

@LouHaigh No one vet mentions my hair. ◽

RT @reporterboy: Both traditional major parties in the UK are in serious trouble. Both are riven with division and not actually appealing to the public. Thing is.... I think one of them knows it and the other doesn’t

RT @reporterboy: RT @reporterboy: I solved it folks. You could do worse. ◽