All deleted tweets from politicians

Member of Parliament for Calgary Nose Hill. Fortis Et Liber. YGL.

This may be an incomplete list. If you think we're missing someone, please send us their Name, Country/State, Political Party, Office they hold or are seeking and, of course, Twitter handle. Thanks!

RT @MarissaSemkiw: RT @MarissaSemkiw: @LizT1 Guessing @HarjitSajjan and others were told not to provide soundbites on #Brussels b/c they want the focus on #Bu…

RT @PonNatalie: 💯On the UCP Interim Joint Board, we received corporate governance training. For some of us, it was review. For others, it was the first time learning about the topic and much needed. All directors need to be on the same page about what their roles/responsibilities are.

RT @pdrobertson: RT @pdrobertson: All smiles with the guy who puts gay people in prison. ◽

RT @davidakin: Photos taken by Iran photog. Cdn journos were prevented by PMO from witnessing this meeting. PMO says Iran insisted no Cdn journos could take pix.

Fwiw, this sort of bull$hit made me stronger, who I am, and more determine to fight everyday.

RT @UC_Conservative: Full house at @MichelleRempel's townhall on #UnfairLiberalTaxHikes last night. Visit for more about these changes

This morning the Liberals give a bizarre press conference, adding more confusion as to what media they're going to require licenses for in what circumstances. I responded very clearly - Canadians can think for themselves and ok fight government erosion of freedom of speech.

RT @HarrisonRuess: RT @HarrisonRuess: Watch live via @ABJobsTaskForce: Emerg debate on AB Jobs Crisis. @MichelleRempel speaking right now:…

Just watched Cheer on @netflix - it's brilliant. It's what I needed. Also, @monicaaldama - I'm case you're looking for a change of pace, I know a Canadian political party that needs a leader. 😉