All deleted tweets from politicians

Fortis et Liber. Canadian Member of Parliament. Wife of a US Army combat veteran. Shadow Minister for Health.

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Looks like @EpicGames is risking it all to make a point about an oligopolistic structure that influences so much. If they are willing to do this, why aren’t lawmakers serious about at least reviewing this operating environment?…

For those who want a preview of me vs our current Health Minister, please watch this exchange.

RT @CCFR_CCDAF: A petition against the Trudeau government’s gun ban has closed with 230,905 signatures, making it the largest parliamentary petition in Canadian history. 🇨🇦 @MichelleRempel…

Trudeau on carbon energy..... Energy produced in Alberta under some of the strictest environmental controls in the world: Bad. Kill sector. Coal produced in China, with virtually no environmental protections when compared to Canada: here’s $141M Canadian tax dollars

Listening to this press conference and cheering - feeling renewed and excited. @ErinOTooleMP, in his first address to the media, clearly articulated his position support for women’s and LGBTQ rights right up front. YASSSSSS! More of this! #finally

RT @Hier_Max: RT @Hier_Max: @MichelleRempel unbelievable preparation for this speech. Opposition is admitting they're confused and I'm clapping with vigo…

RT @BrandonTozzo: RT @BrandonTozzo: With Bill Morneau gone, who will represent Toronto's downtown wealthy elite? Who?! WHO?!!!

RT @MichelleRempel: The CPC has actively opposed what Trudeau did today - overturned an independent CRTC ruling that helps Canadians (who pay some of the highest internet rates in the world). The highly paid lobbyists of the big telcos won this round, will Trudeau pay a political price for it?