All deleted tweets from politicians

Socially liberal MP for #Lichfield. Believes in a global Britain. Loves hill walking, red wine, cosy restaurants & pubs, and The Archers - and voted for #Brexit

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RT @USAmbUK: Perfect timing! Fifty years after man first walked on the moon – astronauts @AstroDrewMorgan, @astro_luca and Alexander Skvort…

RT @huggybear191: @Mike_Fabricant can I just say are the absolute bollocks! don't suppose you need a PA do you??!! 😃

RT @Gabriel_Pogrund: EXCL: Bedfordshire Police confirm they attended Labour meeting last year where, witnesses say, punches and chairs were…

RT @thehugheslady: @Mike_Fabricant I worked on the story. My first major investigation as junior reporter

RT @thehugheslady: @Mike_Fabricant Good MP... lucky to have you

RT @joerukin: In #HS2 debate @Mike_Fabricant points out that high speed rail in other countries sucks more jobs to spiral at expense of re…

RT @aaronski_twitt: @Mike_Fabricant Obviously it wasn't an award for your barnet. I've seen better hair on a burst mattress!

RT @aaronski_twitt: @Mike_Fabricant As long as @EricPickles doesn't ride his bike on the A515, it's safe.

When faced with criticism of endemic #antisemitism, #Corbynista cyber-warriors do not martial any form of logical defence. Instead they turn to personal abuse. What an unpleasant and largely ignorant bunch they are.