All deleted tweets from politicians

Michael Fabricant

MP dude for Lichfield. My views are my own. Mtn walker, food lover, and Bully-Buster! Don't alway agree with my retweets. Anglospherist. On FB too.

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RT @helenlewis: Osborne methodically shooting Labour's foxes: living standards, debt targets, 1930s spending. Doubt Ed M has a fox defibril…

RT @TCANewsFeed: These four should be in jail, not running for public office! #Corbyn…

RT @EmperorMinging: @Mike_Fabricant The satire seems to have passed over his head 😁

RT @RoundLike: @Mike_Fabricant Put the local A&E on stand by

RT @rosskempsell: The building behind you is only standing because of the Dunkirk spirit #PeoplesMarch4EU

RT @Of_Mice_And_Ben: Does Sturgeon's plummeting approval ratings shine a light on why she's called #IndyRef2