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Member of Parliament for Mid Sussex

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RT @JJPMurphy: @NSoames pleasure, sir. In your case? It comes from a genuine pride in Britain, a desire to protect our citizens but also a pragmatic eye for military /intel details and a need to face realities that many an MP simply lacks. Runs in your family ;) keep it up.

RT @JJPMurphy: RT @JJPMurphy: @NSoames clear, objective, precise. perfection!

RT @JJPMurphy: RT @JJPMurphy: @NSoames @tracey_crouch excellent cause. excellent braces, too!

RT @CorneliusRacing: “Horse racing first out of the gate in the NE (Newcastle) next week...” - @OliverDowden of @CommonsDCMS confirms first racing in Britain since March 17

RT @tophatandtails: RT @tophatandtails: @campbellclaret Probably the same number as the number of WMD's found that could fire in 45 mins from Iraq?

RT @TweetzDavid: RT @TweetzDavid: @nsoamesmp ..another 'once in a generation opportunity' only 2 years after her last failure and oil going through the floor

RT @Smigdawg: RT @Smigdawg: @afneil Great to see Rees-Mogg taken to task on his duplicity and waffle for once

RT @katieculture: Today marks 73 years since #VEDay, marking the formal conclusion of war with Nazi Germany. #Churchill's iconic speech made that day: “My dear friends, this is your hour. This is not victory of a party or of any class. It’s a victory of the great British nation as a whole."