All deleted tweets from politicians

Nadine Dorries πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§#StayAlert


MP and Health Minister for Patient Safety, Suicide Prevention MH - SundayTimes top 10 best selling author. Former nurse and self made businesswoman.

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RT @carldinnen: The Prime Minister commits to getting all but postal tests turned around within 24 hours by the end of the month. That feels like quite a promise. #PMQs

RT @CLA_Politics: RT @CLA_Politics: Our 50th CLA Election Pledge is @NadineDorriesMP with more pledges to come

Delighted she’s not working, we’re on top of #COVID19 and it’s going the right way. More worrying if all 25,000 contact tracers were working flat out, now that would be a story. 99% of tracers delighted to be part of the resilience effort, working and doing a great job πŸ™

RT @markantro: Labour's, Marxist & IRA sympathiser John McDonnell says democracy doesn't work and advocates violent insurrection against the British people

RT @SeanDaveyEsq: RT @SeanDaveyEsq: Worrying when a bishop sounds more like a career politician than Tory MP @NadineDorriesMP on @BBCr4today.

The reason why he left his house in the first place? They know he is at work in @10DowningStreet This abuse is targeted at his wife and 4 yo child.

RT @MaajidNawaz: This heart breaking video contains good news this man was helped. In it, he thanks PM @BorisJohnson & @Conservatives. It’s difficult to watch because I know that the emotional strain he’s clearly under is replicated for working people across these Isles. I stand with my people πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

RT @davidnabarro: This virus is going to be with us for the foreseeable future & nobody wants to go on having lockdowns as we have at the moment #COVID19 tracing+containment+neighbourhood health watch will be necessary even once the present wave of outbreaks is gone We need #COVIDready societies

RT @PauljePaul: RT @PauljePaul: Labour apologises for being hateful spiteful and nasty people ◽‍♂️◽‍♂️◽…