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RT @CllrDaveTaylor: Inspiring speech tonight by @DavidDavisMP giving a “behind the scenes” insight into the Brexit negotiations. A good reminder of why we are and remain Great Britain. @GS_Cons @NickBoles @kelhamcooke

RT @NedStaebler: RT @NedStaebler: POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!! The Wayne County Board of Canvassers has certified the election results!!!

RT @GernotWagner: RT @GernotWagner: 19 seconds of: Look, temperatures have changed in the past. 1 second of: Oh.

RT @ChrisGiles_: RT @ChrisGiles_: Fair

RT @janinegibson: Do we have some sort of minimum spend deal with McKinsey that we have to hit annually? Did we sign a stupid direct debit when they were super fashionable 20 years ago and now we just have to keep picking something from the catalogue?…

RT @Gilesyb: RT @Gilesyb: Every year it becomes more embarrassing and mystifying that we allowed this guy into Downing Street

RT @helenlewis: tl;dr - Please, I beg you, no more female empowerment breakfasts. Just pay your office cleaners a living wage and sort out your parental leave policies.

RT @oletwinofficial: This is not a proper way to proceed. I expect that Parliament will respond in the only way it can: by legislating next week, before it is prorogued, to prevent a disorderly, undemocratic no deal exit on 31 October. I shall certainly be supporting that effort

RT @oletwinofficial: Very good news. PM statement does what is needed to prevent no deal exit on 29 March and enables MPs to forge cross-party consensus on new way forward if PM's deal does not succeed on 12 March. No need now for Cooper-Letwin Bill.

RT @oletwinofficial: RT @oletwinofficial: Contrary to reports, still backing PM deal and still believe Norway Plus could be part of route to consensus in Common…