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Philip Davies MP

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RT @JamesNbit: @aak1880 @PhilipDaviesMP Evidence, evidence, evidence - Tell us exactly what he said was sexist or not based in fact.

RT @lawso56: @yorkshirepost Should ensure a few more thousand votes for the Leave campaign #VoteLeave

RT @MDOCallaghan: Very sad news from Kempton this evening, RIP to the stable lad who died serving out sport. The second terrible tragedy in…

RT @Bertiefellow: @SaltaireSam @PhilipDaviesMP I think you're wonderful Philip!

RT @roymiddleton10: @Radiac84 @PhilipDaviesMP Please keep telling it as it is Phil!

RT @uxbridgewalrus: Congratulations, David. Very well deserved.…

RT @uxbridgewalrus: @PhilipDaviesMP @LouiseMensch I had you down for Chief Whip, Philip. #disappointed

RT @KirstyStricklan: Philip Davies has just asked ''If you care about minorities so much why don't you care about people who have a minorit…

RT @KirstyStricklan: Philip Davies suggests that every time SNP MPs vote on an issue devolved to Holyrood that Westminster takes the power …

RT @_tenstorey: The "we lost to Bradford City in the League Cup" final #bcafc