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Conservative Member of Parliament For Poole Re-Elected with 19,116 majority

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RT @MarcherLord1: “Gary - small business owner” on @talkradio: “Boris’ restrictions have ruined me, I’m never voting Conservative again. However, I’ll never, ever vote Labour either” That’s Starmer’s problem - right there in a single statement

RT @MarcherLord1: RT @MarcherLord1: Anyone over 50 who remembers when Twiglets were 6 inches long and came in a box?

RT @MarcherLord1: This is amazing. Three days after #IndependenceDay and flights are STILL coming in and out of the UK from the EU and via Irish airspace. #UpYoursDelors

RT @MarcherLord1: RT @MarcherLord1: Amazing. The dipping cranes on the Thames. ◽◽◽◽

RT @ChrisButler68: RT @ChrisButler68: Patrick Valance clearly running out to patience with the inane and idiotic questions from the press! Good man.

RT @rrwholloway: Westminster has the lowest Council Tax in the UK - PLUS: 🚮 Twice-weekly doorstep rubbish collection 🚛 Daily street cleansing and sweeping 🌳 22 Green Flag parks - including Paddington Rec 🔝 The top local authority for social mobility 👶 Children’s Services rated ‘Outstanding’

RT @BellaWallerstei: 73 MPs opposing vaccine passports. A coalition unlike any other. But fantastic to see such a diverse spectrum of MPs coming together to stand up for individual liberty and freedom of choice. They will be on the right side of history.

RT @DrGABaines: RT @DrGABaines: Neither did we, Tony