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Conservative Member of Parliament For Poole Re-Elected with 19,116 majority

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RT @LewisJamesBrown: Countries that have been more successful in dealing with the virus, like Singapore and Taiwan, have not closed schools. #CloseTheSchools

RT @election_data: Just spoke to a bloke in the street who knows a guy who drives the bus that a local councillor uses. He says this councillor told him he'd spoken to his next door neighbour and he said it's too early to say. And with that, it's back to you in the studio #GE2019

RT @Drury7Drury: Poland receives £11 billion from the EU whereas UK pays in £14 billion. That's a difference if £25 billion. Women in UK will now retire at 67, in Poland its 60.

RT @ByrneTofferings: Whatever you think of abortion /in general/ Maria Caufield represents the mainstream female opinion. About 70% support keeping current two doctor rule, and only 1% support getting rid of time limit. BPAS and its outriders are the weird ideological outliers.

RT @DavidvanRooyen: Sarah Wollaston just asked on the BBC: "why are you not calling a by-election". Replies: "the last thing we need right now is a general election or by-elections... what we need is a second referendum". Amazing level of cognitive dissonance

RT @DavidvanRooyen: This is really damning! The failure to deal with the Irish Border (which in turn justifies the Backstop) was not due to Government incompetence, but a conscious decision not to try. Customs Expert says HMRC were instructed by Government NOT to consider alternative solutions.

RT @BBMFOpsAsst: WOW! Thanks to one of our engineers on board #Lancaster #PA474 you can see what you all looked like @Woodhall40sFest today! Nice to see a flypast from a different perspective. 🎥 @razorraza

RT @OliverKamm: RT @OliverKamm: Strong argument for why Lab sympathisers should withhold support. Party now needs as well as deserves annihilation. https:/…

RT @OliverKamm: RT @OliverKamm: Hello, @PauseCatCafe, I recommend you bar this man from entry. You have more discriminating customers.…