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Conservative Member of Parliament For Poole Re-Elected with 19,116 majority

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RT @melindiscott: RT @melindiscott: @BrexitStewart I actually chuckled reading that. Sounds like it was written by a sulky teenager with delusions of grandeur

RT @MarcherLord1: This is good news. 50% of the kids going there should be doing an apprenticeship and shouldn't be anywhere near a Uni in the first place. Half the ones already there are being ripped off by being charged £30k for a BA in Fingerpainting Studies…

RT @WestmonsterUK: RT @WestmonsterUK: RyanAir - May 2016: "Air fares will rise, that's a fact." RyanAir - February 2017: "Fares have fallen sharply." ✈️ https…

RT @WestmonsterUK: RT @WestmonsterUK: PLOT: EU nationalists want to keep UK under jurisdiction of their court. No thanks!…

RT @Peter___Ward: My final tweet is to show just how prepared the UK is for a pandemic. In 2019 the U.K. was ranked number 2 globally, so those that say we weren’t prepared, aren’t speaking from facts. We were as prepared as we could have been! Let’s hear some constructive criticism and feedback!

RT @DanielJHannan: Why would EU leaders will pick a pointless fight at a time like this? It is important remember that the UK is not asking for anything special, anything that the EU has not agreed with South Korea, Canada etc. Imposing unnecessary barriers would reveal an odd sense of priorities.

RT @DrGABaines: 84% of care homes in the UK are privately owned, charging anywhere from £700 - £2000 per week. Yet, the media would have you believe that it is the governments fault that they do not have adequate PPE.

RT @DrGABaines: RT @DrGABaines: Nearly 17 thousand retweets for a lie

RT @DrGABaines: Daily Record, finish off a question to the Chancellor with “it doesn’t sound fair - it sounds callous”. Baffling. You’re there to ask a question, not pass moral judgement