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Candidate for Mayor of London. Independent. #RoryWalks. Author of Occupational Hazards

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RT @PeterAlanRoss: RT @PeterAlanRoss: @RoryStewartUK Hello. Thought you might enjoy this, given our recent walk in Highgate.…

RT @SamuelUsher: @RoryStewartUK I did this for 5 years in London - 2012-17 - advertised in back of LRB for an old person to live with while career was getting going. Worked brilliantly

RT @indiaknight: This is wonderful, plus Will’s books, featuring a deaf Swedish detective called Tuva, are brilliant and as atmospheric as this vid suggests.

RT @AndyBurnhamGM: Once again, the Chancellor has shown his ability to listen. This move is welcome & will help millions. But initial feedback says June will be a stretch. Case for an up-front blanket £1k payment in April to tide people over? Just an idea. Could be deducted from the final figure.

RT @ChrisMasonBBC: RT @ChrisMasonBBC: THREAD: The Downing Street briefing for political reporters has just's what we learnt:

RT @election_data: RT @election_data: Pret A Manger locations overlaid on to Brexit voting patterns. Still my favourite map ◽

RT @PoliticsJOE_UK: “This is the most serious epidemic since the end of WWI. You can use the police to enforce emergency measures, and call out the military to support.” Rory Stewart says the government has responded too slowly to coronavirus, and that tough measures need to be taken now.

RT @ShallowfordGone: RT @ShallowfordGone: @DiyWest @RoryStewartUK It's their little pearly jackets that give them extra weight.

It is a choice between the certainty of being able to save more lives now and modelling perdictions that doing less now, might save more lives in nine months’ time. There is a moral, and prudential case for acting more aggressively now. Buying time has benefits.