All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @jamesrbuk: So many questions: 1. Why pose for this? 2. Why keep a whip when you’re not a whip anymore? It’s WEIRD 3. Why no laptop? Is that where the algorithms are? 4. Seriously, why pose for this?

RT @Charlie533080: 1. Angry tweet. Forgive me. Why has it taken a decade for US, UK, European nations to fulfil the most basic moral obligations to support those who helped us pursue OUR vital national interests?? It’s pathetic.

RT @Andrew_Adonis: Of the 24 members of David Cameron’s Tory cabinet 5 years ago, only 3 are still in office & only one (Liz Truss) has been in office continuously since May 2016 Frost is the 47th ministerial resignation related to Brexit A revolution devouring its children

RT @peter_sarris: In further news the Badger is highly critical of the Goffart thesis and thinks Late Antique historians need to engage more with the works of Banaji…

RT @Nadine_Writes: 🚨EXCLUSIVE: @Drillminister has announced that he is running for London Mayor to replace @SadiqKhan. "They're gonna see the power of the youth," he says. Other candidates include @ShaunBaileyUK & @RoryStewartUK.

RT @CliveMark2: @RoryStewartUK It is a nationwide problem. Local govt staff spend money on their own away day conferences (I know from experience) instead of dealing with this. But perpetrators need to be dealt with also.

RT @paulkrugman: RT @paulkrugman: I am not a free-market zealot. But this is truly stupid 1/

RT @AfricaWaterEnt: @RoryStewartUK " very impressed with the #ewaterpay total water supply solution"@frontiertech @DFID_UK. This innovation will transform lives

A powerful argument by @CrisisGroup on why donors should engage rather than isolate the Taliban - and why donors must act rapidly and generously to avert a deepening horror…

RT @IvanHFY: RT @IvanHFY: @TfL @BritishLandPLC Ridiculous queues at #CanadaWater #tube station again this morning. Need to sort this out as part of @CWm…