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This painful dragged out saga springs from a failure of character; the fantasy that real compromise is always unnecessary, that you can have your cake and eat it too + breaking your word doesn’t matter. Lack of character that killed any hope of a more moderate and workable deal

RT @MargoJMilne: @RoryStewartUK @drphilhammond Please remember that adult social care isn't just about older people. There are very many younger sick and disabled adults like me, who also need care.

RT @ChristianGuy_: RT @ChristianGuy_: And some people STILL doubt the existence of God.

RT @Tony_Antoniou_: What a breath of fresh air! @RoryStewartUK I have been a member of the @Conservatives party for over 40 years and you have re-motivated me. You are a man I can TRUST. I will once again become active in the party and we will win. @ConHome #rorywalkson @NSoames @DavidGauke

RT @louyacht: Best audiobooks of 2021: Artemis & Project Hail Mary @andyweirauthor The Crossing & Race to the Pole @jamescracknell & @Benfogle In The Thick of It @SirAlanDuncan Olive Mable & Me @MrAndrewCotter Occupational Hazards @RoryStewartUK The Blair Years @campbellclaret

RT @thomasmessenger: @RoryStewartUK Maida Vale has, I believe, the highest number of residents per square mile in the UK. Four to five story mansion blocks with garden space has allowed for this and it doesn’t feel crowded at all.

RT @RoryStewartUK: The Lake District is a deeply precious inheritance with more biodiversity than many lowland systems. We should improve nature and farming there and all over the country - not lurch between intensive agri-businesses and wilderness- leaving shattered farms and families in our wake.

RT @USAIDMarkGreen: Great meeting today w/@BeataKempa_KPRM & @PolishEmbassyUS — we signed an MOU to increase cooperation & coordination between the United States & #Poland in providing assistance to religious & ethnic minorities in #Iraq

RT @MPaskii: @RoryStewartUK Any ‘pivot’ to the Pacific is again dependent on a promise of protection. The same promise that was made to Afghanistan, and now broken. Withdrawal risks the foundation of any future collective security arrangement put forward by NATO.