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Member of Parliament for East Surrey. Minister for Universities, Science, Research & Innovation. Dad. Arsenal fan. Enjoy most sports. On Instagram: samgyimahmp

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RT @econbartleby: Will contractors, part-timers also benefit? And how will workers exercise their voting rights? One suspects they won’t have individual voting rights

RT @econbartleby: RT @econbartleby: If the aim is to improve productivity, why are large companies targeted? That is not where the problem seems to be

RT @econbartleby: RT @econbartleby: So the benefit to workers will be dividends but dividend yields vary widely among businesses. Some workers will get a lot…

RT @econbartleby: RT @econbartleby: This looks like a dog’s breakfast of a plan. Thread…

RT @econbartleby: RT @econbartleby: And that tax is on top of Labour’s promise to raise corporation tax, tax on executives and nationalise without full compe…

RT @econbartleby: RT @econbartleby: Companies will view with suspicion the idea that a surplus would go into public coffers. That is a tax.

RT @econbartleby: RT @econbartleby: It looks as if workers won’t really own the shares, as they won’t be able to sell them or take them with them when they q…

Sam Gyimah (Conservative) tweeted :

I’ve worked with Simon Case. He is incredibly capable and a consummate public servant.

Sam Gyimah (Conservative) tweeted :

Congratulations to Simon Case, the new cabinet secretary. He is incredibly capable and a consummate public servant.

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