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Member of Parliament for Eddisbury. Lover of rural communities #working #mum

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RT @SiobhanFenton: This is incredibly basic stuff. It is astonishing that Hannan could not only get something so easy so wrong, but also spin an entire thesis about why we should scrap the Good Friday Agreement off the back of it

RT @SiobhanFenton: People living in Northern Ireland deserve not to be shot dead and also deserve to have functioning and stable government, regardless of whether or not your great granny is from Ballymena and that makes you feel affection for us

RT @SiobhanFenton: This is an incredibly insulting but not uncommon thing English people say to me quite regularly- that they care about or understand Northern Ireland because they have some ancestry from here. Rather than because people here just, you know, objectively don't deserve to be shot

RT @PippaCrerar: Ralf Speth tells the PM at a car industry conference in Birmingham that "I do not even know" if any of the automative giant’s manufacturing plants in Britain, which employ 40,000 people, could continue to operate after Brexit day.

RT @PippaCrerar: Worryingly for May, he adds that it's cheaper to make cars in Slovakia than it currently is in Britain. “What decisions will we be forced to make, if Brexit means not merely that costs go up, but that we cannot physically build cars on time and on budget in the UK?”

RT @PippaCrerar: Astonishing. Updated MPs register of interests reveals that ex-Brexit Secretary David Davis has landed a job advising JCB (Tory donor Anthony Bamford's firm) for £3000 AN HOUR. Nice work if you can get it #Brexit

RT @jamesrbuk: RT @jamesrbuk: Disgusted that I needed to write this. Peddling untrue conspiracies after tragedy just for clicks is utter trash. https://t.…

RT @BrunoAm05317727: RT @BrunoAm05317727: Poll: If a Eu Referendum was held tomorrow, How would you vote? Vote and retweet for a big sample please

RT @SmallwoodCorner: RT @SmallwoodCorner: Resident said "I've lived in Witney 40 years, never had a @LibDems leaflet until 3 weeks ago. Do they think I'm stupid…

RT @MarcherLord1: RT @MarcherLord1: Wages have now returned to 2007 levels before Labour broke the economy, according to Institute of Fiscal Studies http://t…