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RT @Kirstene4Angus: The careless use of inflammatory language and complete lack of respect in politics is deeply concerning. It stems from every side of the House - no party is whiter than white. We are veering into very dangerous territory if all Party Leaders & PM fail to lead by example.

RT @Kirstene4Angus: I will be supporting the Prime Minister @theresa_may this evening - she is a true public servant who has the national interest at the forefront of everything she does.

RT @Kirstene4Angus: Every @ScotTories MP voted for the Withdrawal Agreement today - we listened to @NFUStweets, @sff_uk, @ScotchWhiskySWA & all industries who were craving certainty & need to move on. The only person the SNP listen to is Nicola Sturgeon. What a way to represent your constituents.🤦‍♀️

RT @Kirstene4Angus: RT @Kirstene4Angus: Fantastic display celebrating 100years of @RoyalAirForce today over London #RAF100 ✈️ ◽◽

RT @KeohaneDan: Lord Frost confirms to @CommonsNIAC that Northern Ireland’s constitutional position in the U.K. is NOT affected by the protocol. It is a trading arrangement, not a constitutional change.

RT @KeohaneDan: RT @KeohaneDan: A must-rewatch ahead of the big game tonight :-)

RT @KeohaneDan: RT @KeohaneDan: Not surprised, perhaps the most integrated economic sector on this island:

RT @KeohaneDan: I fully agree with this, as @Simon4NDorset says: It is incumbent on all sides (EU & UK) to make the implementation of the Irl-NI protocol as un-intrusive as possible for NI business in both directions. And that matters for much more important reasons than “just commerce” :-)

RT @KeohaneDan: RT @KeohaneDan: Imho that was the best game so far at #EURO2020 And what a win for Wales!!! Fully deserved Enjoy it Welsh friends!…

RT @ijmonks: RT @ijmonks: @Simon4NDorset Heartfelt congratulations Simon. A great night for both North Dorset and the United Kingdom.