All deleted tweets from politicians

Stewart Jackson

Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Peterborough. MP for Peterborough 2005-17. Local resident & campaigner. A strong & independent voice for Peterborough.

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RT @_hanimustafa: Telling in chilly Gunthorpe for @Stewart4Pboro. Make see you #VoteConservative if you haven't already! 😄…

RT @uxbridgewalrus: All I want to read about are the policies of Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom and their competence for becoming PM.

RT @BradenDavy: "We are 4 nations, but at our heart we are one people" #Indyref2

RT @BradenDavy: Remember - Nicola was due to take control of welfare powers, but DELAYED until 2020. She didn't want them. #Indyref2 https:…

RT @BradenDavy: More people voted LEAVE than for the SNP in 2016. Leave - 1,018,322 SNP - 953,587 #FMQs #Brexit #Indyref2 #ScotRef

RT @theobertram: "The union & myself came to a financial agreement that will remain private..." #newsnight

RT @theobertram: Today spirits in the Labour Party have run high. That's because we're a passionate party.

@AndrewCrines @DavidJeffery_ @Richard_Hayton Thanks Andrew - I'm sorry I'm not in a position to do any more Parliam……

RT @LibertarianView: #Brexit Stock Market "crashes" to levels not seen since.... ....well, last week actually!