All deleted tweets from politicians

Conservative MP for Bournemouth East, Chair of the House of Commons Defence Select Committee

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RT @SkyNews: This is the moment a boy saw his father, a soldier in the Irish Guards, return home for a weekend from his base in London. Watch more videos from Sky News here:

The world is watching:

RT @Blesma: A film company is going to be producing a film around the incredible life story of @MarkOrmrod - the first UK triple amputee to survive the Afghanistan conflict.

RT @RishiSunak: On my way to launch the Kickstart Scheme with @theresecoffey. Got my notes on my phone this time and you can read more about the scheme here

LEBANON BLAST: A horrific incident befalling a country in political turmoil & in economic meltdown due to enduring proxy interference, poor governance, a massive Syrian refugee influx & dwindling int’l support. Welcome UK offer to help -We must strategically re-engage in the M/E


We must adapt to the changing situation much faster: Moving to 1m will take time for prepare for. Let’s announce an early date NOW so we are ready in good time.

@piersmorgan @GMB Slightly unfair - I agreed to come on @GMB tomorrow and you cancelled me! Keep it real Piers!

U.S. UNVAIL A NEW MIL SERVICE AS SPACE BECOMES A FIGHTING DOMAIN: Now seen as the ultimate high ground with wpns & surveillance placed in orbit. Disruption of our increasing reliance on satellites (GPS) for comms & to move data - would cripple our way of life. UK must catch up

SAGE MEMBERSHIP - MORE MOD PLEASE Given this Ctte’s influence in guiding Gov strategy - I’d would like to see more MOD representation - the only Dept that trains and plans for large scale crises, with strategic planners who help turn theory into options for practical delivery.