All deleted tweets from politicians

Father, Army veteran, optimist, MP. Campaigner for Kent, for Tonbridge, Edenbridge and Malling. @Conservatives أبو آدم

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RT @tinambenson: Please share - Ollie is missing he is autistic and lives in Hayes - he loves riding on buses and trains - he will be very frightened please call 07534155530

RT @CLA_Politics: RT @CLA_Politics: ◽ @TomTugendhat says that people want new homes but also those that add to the community #Cpc18

RT @veitdengler: “How free democracies deal with the rise of authoritarian power will define our political generation. If we face it early, together, we may be able to contain it. If we stand by and let it grow, it will get stronger.”

RT @Ladders71: This my favourite Twitter thing today... 1. Go to Google. 2. Google "Wizard of Oz". 3. Tap the red slippers. 4. Tap the tornado. You're welcome.

RT @Ladders71: Oh and the massive ones as well! Well done @tracey_crouch very proud!! x Gambling machine stakes cutback to go ahead in April…

RT @Ladders71: RT @Ladders71: I’ll be in for @lembitopik tomorrow from 9am @BBCRADIOKENT hope you can join me and join in

RT @Ladders71: So very proud of my @tracey_crouch she is an amazing person and is the perfect round peg in the round hole in everything she is doing right now. She is a brilliant mummy too!!!