All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @GeorgePierce81: @TomTugendhat @Conservatives Hi Tom, I live in ightham and have recieved plenty of support from you since you have been in office. Can I help your campaign?

RT @GeorgePierce81: RT @GeorgePierce81: @AnthonySBeck @TomTugendhat Good luck Tom. Fingers crossed Corbyn doesn't win, or we will all be jobless.

RT @veitdengler: RT @veitdengler: I will be taking my medicine

RT @alstewitn: #Iran @TomTugendhat on reports that @realDonaldTrump did not warn @BorisJohnson ahead of the attack on General #Solemani: 'I've always believed the purpose of alliances is so you can surprise your enemies not your friends'. @BBCBreaking

RT @alstewitn: If you had campaign objectives with which many folk would sympathise, but wanted to set about alienating folk from you and those objectives, here's a hint on how to go about it....…

RT @alstewitn: RT @alstewitn: Weirdly, this is significant. @dailytelegraph

RT @alstewitn: "In Russia, you can have elections so long as Putin, or his party, wins. It is as simple as that". @ggatehouse, one of the very best, for @BBCNewsnight.

RT @ColSMal: RT @ColSMal: Sky poll of Scottish voters. Pinch me. I'm dreaming.

RT @MarkFoxNews: RT @MarkFoxNews: @IainDale rules I operate and anonymous accounts too.…

RT @MarkFoxNews: Very interesting and thoughtful lecture by former Taoiseach John Bruton on practical politics and governing and the utility and application of Catholic Social Teaching. @proinsias87 @kbfsanders @StMarysIoT @YourStMarys @CardinalNichols