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Father, Kentish, veteran. MP for Tonbridge and Malling. Chair, Foreign Affairs Committee. @commonsforeign. Contact:

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RT @tylercowen: “The worst offence of this kind which can be committed by a polemic, is to stigmatize those who hold the contrary opinion as bad and immoral men.” -- J.S. Mill

RT @tylercowen: "Right now some of America’s top universities are...telling the world that they are not morally serious. They should not be surprised, then, when the world starts believing them."…

RT @jamesrbuk: I hate this stuff. This is £300 per day, per bed. Beds need nurses, they need doctors, they need cleaners, they need electricity, patients need meals, etc. This looks a lot like cost price, not profit. Scoring cheap populist points in times of crisis is deplorable.

RT @KeohaneDan: This is true. As Brexit approaches, it is vital to now reinforce UK-Ireland bilateral ties. For ideas on how to do this, see Irish Senator @nealerichmond here:… And report from UK @CommonsForeign chaired by @TomTugendhat here:……

RT @KeohaneDan: A key point in @nealerichmond’s excellent op-ed in the UK @Telegraph: UK-Ireland relations will require much greater bilateral investment after Brexit. A point also made in very good @CommonsForeign report on UK diplomacy after Brexit:… cc @TomTugendhat

RT @Charlie533080: Thread. 1/ Afghan interpreter reality. Meet ‘A’. Awesome guy. Worked with me in Kandahar in 2007. But because he was employed on a ‘third party contract’ UK ruled him ineligible for protection in the UK. Yes, really….

RT @AlexandraMousav: 🚨Team @tortoise intelligence is recruiting! 🚨 We're looking for researchers and data scientists (both junior and senior) to help us build indices and carry out a new series of exciting research projects. Applications close January 16th. More below ⬇️

RT @pragmaticlawyer: We're looking forward to the @ThePantiles #FoodFestival this weekend, three days of delicious food, music & demonstrations @Pantiles_Events

I’m pleased to see this thread from @StateDeptSpox :…